Crossroads Inn Wiki

Crossroads Inn future DLC roadmap (accessed from Klabater Media on 22nd Nov 2019)

Crossroads Inn offers additional content called downloadable content ("DLC"), as well as additional add-ons.

Current Downloadable Content (DLCs)[]

The following paid content is currently available for purchase on Steam.

Digital Goodies Pack (2019–)[]

A "Digital Goodies Pack" was made available on Steam game release for $9.99. This pack includes:

  • The "full" extended soundtrack
  • An expanded digital cookbook
  • A digital map of Delcrys map
  • Character concept art
  • A new in-game skin for Martyn
  • .mp4 "Tales from the Tavern" recordings

Season Pass (2020–)[]

Additional downloadable content for the game is planned for 2020 onward, and is currently available for pre-purchase on the Steam store in the form of a Season Pass for $19.99. It can also be purchased in a bundle with the base game (Crossroads Inn - Artisan Edition) for $35.98. The Season Pass is advertised to give the purchaser "instant access to all DLC released in the next year, as soon as they're released".

Future Additional Content[]

The following paid and free content (DLCs and seasonal events) is slated for release by Klabater from 2020 onward.

Planned Paid DLCs[]

Pests and Puppies DLC.PNG

As of November 2019, several paid DLCs ("add-ons") are planned for release in 2020:

These add-ons are predicted to cost $2.99–$4.99 USD. The planned add-ons are described as containing the following content:

Pests & Puppies Add-on[]

"Make your tavern pet-friendly and adopt a friend of your choice! Provide it with a place to sleep and food, and it will surely liven up your establishment"

The Pit Add-on[]

The Pit.PNG

"Build a secret, underground floor in your tavern, in which many illegal activities will take place. This gives you an opportunity to make extra money, but be careful: the guards are watching you! witness illegal fights on the Arena. Place your bets and hope for the best- hire an Alchemist, who will produce all sorts of "magic potions", poisons and counterfeit currency store bandit contraband and use them to obtain cheaper goods on the side"

Hooves & Wagons Add-on[]

Hooves and Wagons.PNG

"...Build a stable and a smithy's workshop, as ways of making additional profit. Now adventurers can come to your tavern from far away on a horseback, and if you take a good care of their mount, they will surely come back!

Bath & Beauty Add-on[]

Bath and Beauty-0.PNG

"...You will be able to hire special NPCs who cure rare diseases. A guest got poisoned? No worries, you have a perfect solution! For a price.. But what if the guests want to stay healthy? You have a perfect solution for them too: a Bath-house! It's an ideal place to relax after a hard day of work. And while you're at it.. why not hire a Vedeta for a nice massage?"

Planned free DLCs[]

"Free Assets Packs (DLCs)" are also slated for release in 2020. As of Nov 2019, the free additional content (DLCs or updates) planned for 2020 includes:

Seasonal Events[]

"Seasonal Events' are planned from 2020 onward. As of Nov 2019, the future events planned are: