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Campaign Mode is a gameplay mode in Crossroads Inn. "From an Innkeeper to a King". The player is guided by the overarching story, and must make decisions and complete tasks that influence and develop the narrative. The campaign is divided into the Prologue, designed as a tutorial for the player, and three acts.

In Campaign mode, the lands of the greater region of Delcrys are in turmoil following the unexpected death of the King of Yorevale. Play a humble farmhand whose narrow world is blown apart after adopting the new-found responsibility of running an inn.

A secretive and deadly power struggle for the throne provides the backdrop for an extended plot that sees the player navigate a series of increasingly trying tasks, quests and obstacles. Each development of the story submerges the player deeper into a world of political intrigue, corruption and adventure. Attempt to survive and thrive in a colorful and often treacherous world filled with loyalty and betrayal, gain and loss, crappy food and cold beer.


The Prologue introduces the overarching story of Crossroads Inn. The player learns basic controls and user interface (UI), and is introduced to the basics of tavern management. The Prologue uses a series of objectives to be completed by the player to learn how to expand the tavern, place equipment and objects, hire workers, order supplies, and provide basic services to tavern patrons (drinks, food, etc.).

Act I

Act II


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