Countess Ellisa as she's seen approaching the inn.


Countess Ellisa is one of the most important story characters in the game. Noble and scheming, she's introduced in Act I. Although Martyn is distrustful of her, she seems to know something about the mysterious past of the innkeeper.

Countess Ellisa Devon is a beautiful and influential woman. Although her background is hard to trace and for many rather dubious and hinted to be a former Vedeta, she married a famous and wealthy count during one of his trips to Sambria. Some time later, after his untimely death she inherited his fortune and quickly rose in position in the royal court, being favoured by the king and many other nobles. Despite that, she still mourns Owen deeply and cares for her would stepson and should he decline the position of king, choose to remain with the Innkeeper running Crossroads Inn together.

Countess Ellisa as she's seen in the The Day of the Moon scenario.

Countess Ellisa is also the main character of the Countess' Counts scenario; she also makes an appearance in The Day of the Moon.

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