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Crossroads Inn is a simulator game of tavern management set in the original fantasy world of Delcrys, developed by Kraken Unleashed and published by Klabater. Crossroads Inn was created and successfully funded as a Kickstarter Project on the 15th March, 2019, with 1,265 backers for a total of $38,641 pledged. The game was launched as a full release on the 24th Oct, 2019 on Steam.

Build and manage a Medieval-style tavern, attending to the needs of the body and the spirit of your patrons and wandering adventurers. Design your tavern, manage your budget and employee needs, order supplies, and better your tavern through a system of discoverable recipes and items.

Use your economy to build, grow and outfit the tavern, and meet the needs of visitors and staff. Use your growing fame to spread your influence to towns and cities far and wide, attracting patrons and colourful characters from different walks of life. Use the gossip and intel you learn from visiting patrons to get discounts, increase your technology, or get to know your staff a little bit better.

In order to reach the status of greatest innkeeper in the kingdom, you will need to be smart, efficient and a little bit inventive. Balance the needs and wants of the people with your need for Guldens, gossip and fame!

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