Crossroads Inn Wiki

A fight in the ring and the cheering audience.

A fighting ring is a gambling-relatedobject that allows both the player and the guests to place bets on which of the fighters in the ring will be victorious. At any moment the player can click on the ring and set up a contest in the window that appears.

When starting a contest the player will choose which of their Special Workers available will be taking part in the fight. While the Fighter was introduced in the game along with the fighting ring in the The Pit DLC, other NPCs, such as Adventurers, can too take part in the fight. Once the fighter is selected, the player has to wait for a challenger to approach the ring.

The duel status window.

Gameplay-wise, the player can set up the reward for the fight won, how much time the guests have to place their bets, and so on. A window showing the status of the fight allows the player to see the level of skills of both contestants, as well as other statistics, such as their chance of winning. The player can also start the fight sooner than previously set by pressing Start Now. Once the fight starts, the two contestant begin fighting, while the guests start cheering. The fights usually last a few minutes.