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Furnish mode[edit | edit source]

The Furnish Mode lets you equip your inn with all the necessary things. The categories you can choose from the menu are: Common room (for example: tables, chairs), Sleep Room (beds), Facilities (barrels, ovens), Decorative (flowers, paintings), and Outside (chicken coops, outhouses, etc.).

Placing objects[edit | edit source]

To place an object on the grid you have to choose it from the list. You can turn the objects with the Q and E keys. Holding the Ctrl key allows you to place the objects on the grid with more precision; use the mouse scroll wheel to place the object at a preferred angle. When placing furniture, make sure there's enough space to walk between two objects. Confined patrons will start panicking and destroying furniture.

Properties[edit | edit source]

If no guests are visiting your inn, make sure it's open, and that you have at least one counter, a table, and a chair/bench. When building a room it is important to remember that each object has its traits, telling you of their quality or an effect they will have on your patrons. If you left-click on an object, you can set its priority, see its details, and other options available for the given object. If there's a red, broken gear icon above an object, it means it's not working properly. It may be caused by a lack of a worker who can use it, a lack of a needed resource, wrong room, or in case of a table - no chair connected to it.

Acquiring new objects[edit | edit source]

The main way of getting new objects is finding and buying them on the map. Progressing the story, upgrading the character, and Adventurer Quests can also unlock new objects.

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