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Gala, as seen in the game.

Gala is an Adventurer coming from a tribe living far in the north, between the mountainous regions of Yorevale and the Northern Lands. When she came of age, the shaman of her tribe gave her a mission to kill a beast, a terrifying creature that neither flies, nor walks on land, claiming it was a tradition. In reality it was all a lie, meant to get the tribe rid of the girl, who was the last descendant of a long line of well-respected warriors, before she could claim her rightful place as the leader of the tribe.

Gala, concept art.

The young warrior set off south, to walk the shores of the ocean, seeking a challenge. Finally she killed a killer shark terrorizing a small fishing village. When she returned home, despite her tale, the shaman did not believe her, and because of that neither did her entire village. She then returned south, grabbed what was left of the shark carcass, and dragged it for many miles, through the mountains, all the way to her people. When shaman still doubted her skills, claiming she was not a warrior powerful enough for such a deed, she picked up the carcass and crashed the man. According to the customs, she would have been then exiled - if she didn’t leave the village on her own, setting once more south, in search of a worthy and honorable adventure.