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Gossips are one of the currencies/resources you can gather in the game. They can be obtained by completing some of the tasks from the Journal, as a reward from Quests, or, most often, gathered by your workers: Scoundrels, Servants, Thugs, and the innkeeper.

To use the gossip currency just press the appropriate button once it appears in a window they are related to.

Economic gossip[]

The green Economic Gossips allow you to create trade routes and lower prices of supplies ordered. They can also be used when the player wants to postpone the day they have to pay back the bank.

When sending someone on a Quest, the player may pay Economic Gossips to learn about the possible reward.

Political gossip[]

The blue Political Gossips allow you to increase yourinfluence in cities.

Traveller's gossip[]

The red Traveller's Gossips allow you to learn more details about the threats and dangers of available Quests.