Crossroads Inn Wiki

Guest window.png

The Guests Window lets you see a list of guests in your inn.

Guests are divided into five Social Groups: Distressed, Townsfolk, Nobles, Outlaws, and Travellers. By choosing a guest from the list you can see their Group affiliation and their mood; you can also see more details (click the magnifying glass icon) or find them (the eye icon).

The About window with details about the guest can also be opened by pressing on them with the right mouse button. It shows their mood and class affiliation, as well as their hometown, needs, opinions, and possessions.

By clicking a guest with the left mouse button, you can see actions you can take. You can open the About window, watch them (an eye icon will appear above them), kick them out, give them a special treat, allow them in Secret rooms, or seduce, if you have a Vedeta.