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Iduna, as seen in the game.

Iduna was trained to become a Vedeta from the youngest age, under the wings of the legendary Madame Liselotte, who noticed in the girl an unusual potential. However, everything changed when the girl met Alex - a young son of a Sambrian merchant who came to Bersuhl for business. Used to the Untermarchian rigorous life, Iduna fell for the boy’s smile - and carelessness; she'd often sneak out to meet up with him.

Soon the fear of Madame Liselotte’s wrath was taken over by the desire to see the world that Alex had been telling Iduna about. She was ready to leave her life behind and sail away with the boy on board of his father’s ship, when Alex mysteriously disappeared. Broken-hearted, the Iduna was waiting for any message from or about him, but nothing came. In the end, having no other option, she finished her training at Madame Liselotte’s House of the Moon and became, as her mentor expected, a Vedeta extraordinaire - though her heart remained forever closed.

Iduna, concept art.