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Lilith, as she's seen in the gamn.

Hardly anything is known about Lilith, and the Adventurer seems to prefer to keep it that way. Her looks remind people of the exotic civilizations from over the Helsoth Ocean to the east, while her accent bares resemblance to that of the pirates and outlaws living to the west, in the Badlands and the infamous Deval Island. And then there’s stories; the fantastic, nearly legend-like stories about her life. A daughter of a pirate lord who escaped the life of crime; a fiancée of a man swallowed by the ocean whose spirit still haunts her; a thief who stole an ancient diamond, releasing a demonic creature onto the land…

There are a lot of stories about Lilith, and hearing them, or being asked about them, is just about the only time when the adventurer smiles.

Lilith, concept art.