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Crossroads Inn features several locations in its lore.

The Lands of Delcrys[]

Delcrys overview map.png

The continent of Delcrys is made up of three independently-governed kingdoms: Yorevale, Untermarch, and Sambria. The three kingdoms are said to have a long history of political and economic struggle.

The story begins in the city of Crossroads, located in the kingdom of Yorevale, positioned centrally, near the borders of the kingdoms of Untermarch to the East and Sambria to the south.


  • Located in the NW of Delcrys
  • Motto is "The Wisdom of the Ages"
  • Capital: Orrey

Yorevale is the oldest and most fertile kingdom of Delcrys, often called ''the old land'' or ''the green kingdom''. It's a country famous for its universities and the biggest cities of the continent, where many people come to seek their fortune – or at least a steady job. The Yores are skilled in construction, so they surround themselves with humongous walls, to protect themselves from a possible attack of their neighbour, Untermarch. Apart from that, they also try to conquer the waters of the Restless Ocean to the west, but, just as one would expect given the name, they have yet to dominate the waves.


  • Located in the NE of Delcrys
  • Motto is "Vitrue and Honor"
  • Capital: Melleburg

Untermarch is the youngest country of Delcrys, having formed quite recently, when the warring clans decided to join forces – and declare a war against Yorevale, seeing it as a more profitable – and less destructive to them – venture. Being tough and powerful warriors, the Untermarchian managed to pose quite a threat to the Yorevale's dominance in the region. Nowadays, in the times of semi-peace following the recent bloody war, Untermarchians deal in raw minerals coming from many of their mines – but many of them still see an armed conflict as a much better way of making money and honouring their ancestors. The country is poor when it comes to fertile grounds and ruled by a hegemon – the strongest warrior in the land.


  • Located in the South of Delcrys
  • Motto is "Gleam of the South"
  • Capital: Velendis

Sambria is a relatively young country. It was formed by refugees from Yorevale, seeking a new place to live, and often a new start, far away from the old ways of their home kingdom. Here they quickly turned to fishing and then seafaring expeditions, becoming the dominant force ruling the waves of the Helsoth Ocean. Some say that the country discovers new lands nearly everyday – and they always return with exotic goods. Apart from that, Sambria is full of festivities and carelessness and many people in Delcrys visit the country to take part in the many parties happening here even in the very streets of every town and city. The country is ruled by the most influential merchants, which only shows that success and wealth are as important in Sambria as having good fun.