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Lulu, as seen in the game.

Raised by her father on a farm near Orrey, Lulu learned what hardship is at the youngest age. As the only child she had to help in the field. When her father became gravely ill, she started working twice as hard, and soon all folks around grew to respect the young, yet hard-working girl. Sadly, no matter how many expensive medicines she bought, in the end her father died. 

The Orrey Vedetas, learning about a hard-working, always-smiling young orphan, took her under their wings and trained her in the art of love. While many suspected she'd never make it, being rather loud and muscular instead mysterious and ephemeral, as Vedetas are often expected to be, Lulu once more showed that through hard work she can achieve whatever she sets her mind on. Soon she became a very popular Vedeta, favoured by folks all around who appreciated her unusual, cheerful, down the earth attitude.

Lulu, concept art.