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Map Upgrades

Towns and cities have a variety of trade routes and upgrades that can be unlocked using political (blue) gossip. Unlocking and establishing trade routes with towns and cities near Crossroads subsequently allows more locations to be discovered on the map.

  • Certain upgrades are required before the player can interact (e.g. trade) with the town
  • A certain level of influence is required to unlock the next stage of upgrade
    • 0–20% Trade route
    • 20+% New recipe
  • Influence can be gained by spending 5 political gossip (if available), or advertising using the town herald (3–5% influence per ad?)
  • In total, there are y number of discoverable towns and cities, each with associated locations of interest.
  • Some upgrades require the player to have a certain level of influence (measured from 0 to 100%)

Each town has five possible upgrades that can be unlocked, which costs 5 blue political gossip:

  • Trade route: allows the player to trade with the town or city (requires paying new trade route fee)
  • Recipe: allows a new recipe to be unlocked (requires Kitchen Staff to collect, costs 200 guldens)
  • Object: allows a new object to be unlocked (requires Labourer, free to collect)
  • Extra Workers: adds extra workers to the hire pool (unconfirmed)
  • Cheaper heraldry: lowers advertising cost in that town/city (% reduction TBD)
  • Trade price reduction: 10% cheaper orders (10% off total order cost, including delivery fees)
  • Unknown symbol: TBD