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Nillesio, as seen in the game.

Nillesio is a bard who loves to surround himself with gold and beauty and to walk across the streets of major towns and cities in his fashionable clothes. When performing, he often mentions supposed riches he was gifted by all the famous and mighty of Delcrys, all enamoured by his music. Though he sounds convincing, and it’s hard to deny him talent, it’s impossible to say how much - if any - of that is true.

However, recently, during a performance in front of a rather wealthy merchant in Velendis, something unusual happened. The merchant entered the scene and personally congratulated the bard, mentioning also their apparent acquaintanceship, and how much of an inspiration the bard has been to him. The witnesses say that Nillesio became instantly as pale as a ghost and left the music hall as soon as he could. He’s  been recently sighted in Ricodi, leaving Sambria and heading north.

Nillesio, concept art.