Crossroads Inn Wiki

A member of the Nobles, wearing elegant cloths.

Nobles are the smallest Social Group. They don't mind high prices, but they will be put off if they are too low. The higher the quality of decorations and objects in the room, the more satisfied they will be.

Nobles are the smallest social group, but they also have the most power – and the largest material resources. Its representatives value luxury and beauty. They can be recognized by high-quality clothing and sophisticated tastes. They usually try to be distinguished and aristocratic, but in the inn they are looking for what everyone else is looking - good fun. However, they will expect far higher quality services. For example, if you're preparing a guest room for a noble, make sure it's full of high-class decorations and items.

On top of that, Nobles steal and fight much less that other Social Groups, so when they start visiting the inn more often, the amount of brawls and thefts will drop - and the profits will increase.