Crossroads Inn Wiki

Quests are special missions on which you can send your Special Workers, as well as guests representing one of the five Factions

The icon showing an available Quest will sometimes appear on the Map.

Upon finding and clicking a quest icon on the Map, a window with available quests and adventurers appears. The window with quests can also be accessed by clicking on an Adventurer and choosing the appropriate action. 

The Quest window, showing available Quests and available Special Workers who can be sent on them.

The quests are randomly generated. The rewards from Quests include: money, resources, gossip, new objects, and bigger influence in nearby locations.

The Updates window showing the progress of the Adventurer during a Quest.

You can use red gossips to learn more about the dangers of the Quest, and the green gossips to learn about the possible reward.You can choose anyone from the list of available adventurers to go perform the quest. Their success will depend on the level of their Skills.

An Adventurer moving across the Map towards the location of the Quest.