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The Warehouse Window showing all the resources available in the game.

Resources is the general name for the most basic things needed for an inn to properly work. These include:

  • ingredients for food and drinks
  • plates and mugs needed to serve food and drinks
  • candles for the chandeliers
  • water for bathtubs and dishwasher
  • and so on.

As seen above, resources are needed both for the menu and objects to work.

The Resources tab of the Warehouse Window shows the player all resources in the game. This can be filtered by their type. The window also shows the quantity of the given resource the player has, as well as it statistics and what Recipes require it.

The main way of acquiring resources is buying them on the Map.

Upon pressing one of the three icons on the bottom of the map, the player may see where a resource may be found.

Upon hovering the mouse cursor over a resource on the map, the game highlights regions where a given object may be acquired.

The map shows all types of resources. Hovering over the onion shows that it can be bought only in the east of Yorevale and central Untermarch.