Rockburry as he's approaching the inn.

Duke Rockburry is the current head of the famous and influential noble family. Enjoying great wealth and even greater wines, he is the main supplier of this alcohol in Yorevale. Leading a lavish lifestyle, full of parties and romances, he cares little about the world around him – as long as it doesn't bother him.

Duke Rockburry is the main opponent during the Prologue of the game, serving the landlord that owns the land the innkeeper and Martyn lived in. When the inn receives a contract to host the wedding of a miller's son who was getting married to an outlaw's daughter he attempts to sell wine to the inn at extortionate prices that prompts Martyn to work with Remy to smuggling wine for cheap. Despite his best efforts he was forced to bankruptcy and burns down the inn in retaliation, but not without revealing Martyn's past...

Duke Rockburry.

He's also the main character in the scenario Rockburry's Revenge.

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