Soths is the general folk name for the mysterious, ancient, and, according to most scholars, completely fictional and groundless beasts that supposedly once ruled the land of Delcrys, each being the master of their own domain: there was a soth that ruled the skies, another that was nothing less than a moving mountain, and so on.

While hardly any tale, folk or not, exists about these creatures, many people believe that there are signs of their existence all across the world, including rock formations resembling their heads, ruins of ancient civilizations seemingly destroyed in one powerful blast, and so on. The word 'soth' is also incorporated into names of many locations, including even the giant Helsoth Ocean in the east.

By now it's impossible to say what came first: the creatures, if they ever existed, or the stories about them, fueled by the imagination of the first settlers of the modern era. Still, the folk memory may stretch as far as times nearly immemorial, and some scholars believe these tales may have been passed on from the remaining few survivors of an ancient civilization, which was nearly destroyed by the soths.

Among the soths mentioned in the stories, there are:

An ancient breed of cats, the barusoth, is believed by some to be able to scare the soths away with its meowing.

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