A member of the Travellers, wearing ready for anything, yet worn out cloths.

Travellers are a Social Group that is most likely to rent a bed, so they are most satisfied when that option is cheap. They also appreciate lights and warmth in the inn, as well as patriotic symbols of their countries.

Travellers cannot remain in one place for long; as the saying goes ''they never stick around long enough for a one night stand'' (though it might not always be true...). Looking for new adventures and challenges, they chose the life on the road – and the inn is like a safe haven to them.

Usually, more often than other groups, they want to get a good night's sleep. This does not mean, however, that they shy away from drinking and having fun. They do not lack money, though they also do not enjoy excess. Host them properly and they are sure to stop by again during their next adventure.

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