Alstero as he's seen approaching the inn.

Two Fish Alstero is a well respected warrior, famed equally for the glorious quests he's performed – and for the amazing tales that he spins about them. Honourable and brave – though probably a bit too careless – Alstero had the makings of a true Knight Errant ever since he was a little kid. He earned his unusual nickname back in his home-town – when his uncle, Feistel, send him to catch some fish for dinner, the fishing net broke; without even giving it a second thought, or bothering with the fact that he could not swim, Alstero jumped into the water and returned back home both alive – and with a fish in each hand.

Two Fish Alstero.

He first appears in Act I, following the arrival of the beautiful Countess Ellisa, to whom he wishes to offer his services.

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