Crossroads Inn Wiki

The window showing available resources.

The Warehouse Window shows your available resources and their quantity. You can also choose 'Show All' to see all resources available in the game. You can also filter the resources by choosing a particular type from a list below.


Clicking a resource shows its description and recipes it is used in, as well as its statistics.

By pressing the eye icon above the 'Used in:' window, you can add the resource to your watch list - its icon will appear at the bottom of the screen, along with the number showing the quantity of it you own.


The production window, showing the state of resources being produced.

The Production tab of the Warehouse Window shows you all the resources you are currently producing and the stage of the production. To produce a resource, you need to have an appropriate object/facility - for honey you need a beehive, for poultry a chicken coop, and so on. If you click with a left mouse button on a given object, you can choose the option 'Craft'.

Some things require also other resources to begin production, for example a chicken coop needs cereal to feed the chickens. The production tab of the Warehouse Window shows you what is needed and the conversion rate (one cereal lets you produce 3 poultry, but a beehive requires nothing but time). By choosing an object/facility from the list and pressing the eye icon, you can see where it is.

Example production objects/facilities: a brewery, a garden patch, a chicken coop, a cowshed, a beehive, and a composter.

Some facilities can produce different resources.

Some objects can produce different things (a chicken coop produces both poultry and eggs). You can stop production at any moment (click it with the left mouse button and choose Stop Crafting) and begin producing something else.

It there's a red, broken gear icon above an object, it means it's not working properly. Usually it means you lack resources or staff allowing for production of the chosen resource.