Crossroads Inn Wiki

To operate the tavern in Crossroads Inn, the player has access to several different types of workers, also referred to as employees or staff. Each worker has a number of potential duties that they can be assigned to.

Workers are divided into two classes of workers, Standard Workers and Special Workers. Standard workers can be hired by the employee management menu. Special workers can only be hired when they are visiting the player's tavern, and the requirements to unlock them and hire them have been fulfilled.

Standard Workers Overview[]

Workers perform a range of general functions in a tavern by default.


To hire workers press the Workers Window button on the right panel on the screen and then go to Hire. A list of available workers will appear. You can choose which type of workers you are interested in. Each of them comes with their own traits and a salary they expect.

Standard Class Workers[]

  • Innkeeper*: Combines the skills of other basic employees.
  • Labourers: Carry and deliver goods, refill items (torches, candles, firewood), clean floors, clean tables, make beds, plant and harvest farms, repair damaged items, wash dishes
  • Caretakers: Serve food and drinks, prepare (simple) food dishes, pour drinks, clear dirty dishes, clean tables, wash dishes (?), make beds, collect gossip
  • Kitchen Staff: Prepare food dishes, pour drinks, operate artisan (food and drink production) equipment, wash dishes, collect new recipes from the map interface, collect gossip
  • Scoundrels: Operate gambling tables, steal money from patrons, entertain guests (?), watch for trouble
  • Watchmen: Watch out for and reduce likelihood for trouble (e.g. fires, robberies, fights), evict troublemakers, break up fights, carry and deliver goods, collect gossip

*Note: an "innkeeper" is a non-hireable employee that is assigned to the player at the start of the game (Martyn in Campaign, random worker in Sandbox).

Worker Duties[]

Standard Class Workers

  • Laborers:
    • Carrying
    • Carpentry
    • Farming
    • Cleaning
    • Kitchen work
    • Manual work
  • Caretakers:
    • Cleaning
    • Waiting tables
    • Room services
    • Gossip
    • Innkeeping
  • Kitchen Staff:
    • Cooking
    • Artisan
    • Kitchenwork
    • Innkeeping
  • Watchmen:
    • Watch
    • Patrol
    • Carrying
    • Gossip
  • Scoudrels:
    • Gambling
    • Gossip
    • Entertaining
    • Stealing
    • Watch

Worker Levels

Worker levels (also referred to as stages of development) represent the level of their skills.

Worker Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Labourers Drudge Workman Foreman
Caretakers Servant Maide Housekeeper
Kitchen Staff Kitchenhand Cook Chef
Scoundrels Tinhorn Crook Swindler
Watchmen Thug Bouncer Veteran

Standard Workers Management[]

Worker Window[]


Apart from allowing you to hire new workers, the Worker Window shows you the list of workers already employed. You can see there their salary, level, mood, and current action they are performing, as well as their traits. The magnifying glass will open a more detailed window, while the eye icon will show you the current location of the given worker.

The window with more details lets you upgrade the worker, fire them, and set what they should focus on. Your workers Stamina tells you how soon they'll have to take a break. If the level of Loyalty (based on their mood, the way they're treated, and their successes) drops to zero, they will quit their job. Workers can reach in total 30 levels of experience. Every 10 they will need to be trained to become an upgraded version of their profession.

You can also click on a worker with the left mouse button. There you get the option to praise or scold the worker, give bonus, start or stop a break, as well as open the window with more details.

The icon above the worker's head tells you what action they are currently performing; blue background indicates a break, brown - working.


There are three Illnesses that may happen to your worker:

  • hangover
  • food poisoning
  • cold

If your worker is not feeling well, you'll notice green particles around them, and a new information will appear when you open their details window.

There are three ways of curing the worker. They can be sent to a Physician who can be found on a map; they can be sent to bed until they get better; or, alternatively, they will themselves take medicine if its available.

The medicine for a hangover is Lager, for food poisoning it's Medicine, and for cold - Herbs.

Worker Shifts[]

Worker shift example showing duties settings for one shift. NB each shift during the work day needs to be selected and set up by the player.

Employee or worker shifts can be unlocked using fame points in Tavern Upgrades.

Shifts are individually assigned to each worker by selecting the worker and viewing Details (magnifying glass icon), then selecting Duties (checklist icon), then checking the small grey Shift box. This divides the day into three shifts and resents priorities to default settings. Players must then select (✔) the preferred Duty priorities for each shift (sun up, lights on, night/lights off). This may be tailored for each shift during the work day.

Example Shift[]

The player may assign one shift at high Break priority to manage worker fatigue and happiness and micromanage when staff take breaks to boost staff during busy times. An example shift for a Kitchen Staff member during their allocated break is shown below.

Example Shift Settings for Staff Break
Duties Off Low Med High
Kitchen work

The player may also press 'low', 'medium' or 'high' to set every priority to the given level of importance.

Worker Traits[]

All workers or employees are assigned four traits, which may be hidden or revealed to the player.

Traits can be positive or negative. In general, traits can effect work speed, how often the worker goes on breaks, their salary, and their actions and attitude with respect to events and player decisions. Initially the quality of workers available (their levels and their traits) will be poorer, until the player unlocks various upgrades by reaching higher fame. This means that workers early in the game tend to have more negative traits (smoker, drunk, slow, etc.). Over time (after gaining fame and unlocking employee quality upgrades), the quality of workers with improve, although existing potential employees in the "hire" pool will not cycle immediately.

Possible worker traits
Positive Negative General effect
Speedy Slow Work speed, time taken to rest
Smoker Stops to smoke regularly
Drunk Worker will obtain alcohol and get drunk slowing performance
Cheerful Gloomy Constant bonus or malus to mood
Workaholic Slacker More or less likely to take breaks
Smart Dull Faster or slower rate of experience / level gain
Persuasive Increase earnings (Guest will play longer on gambling table)
Chaotic Work quality varies
Gossiper Collects more gossip (stopping work temporarily)
Tough Sickly More or less likely to fall sick (reduces job speed and quality)
Loyal More loyalty
Brave Cowardly More or less likely to (put out fires? Break up a fight?)
Perfectionist Perfectionist Work speed lowered, work quality raised
Greedy Worker costs more money to hire (for worker level + traits)

Special Workers Overview[]

Special workers are divided into four different classes:

Special workers cannot be employed in a normal manner - they start appearing on their own in your inn once you reach an appropriate level of general reputation or fulfill other specific requirements. If they can be hired, they'll have a key-icon above their head.

If there's a key icon above a NPC's head, they can be hired.

The condition for employing them is offering them a Private room which meets their expectations. To see their expectations, press on them with the left mouse button and choose Rent. If you have the right Private room, you can hire them.


Special workers have their needs and skills. Needs may include drinks, food, and so on. Skills include Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma, and Endurance, which can all be leveled up.

They also have Social Group affiliations, which means that a given Social Group will react better to a corresponding employee.

Special Workers Management[]

Your special workers do not appear in the Workers Window. If you click on them with the left mouse button at least two options appear: Watch (they will from now on have an eye-icon above their head) and About. If they're not hired, the option Rent also appears. Choosing About opens a window with the worker's details, including their needs, opinions, mood, Social Group affiliation, traits, job, and skills.

Adventurers have also the option Quests which opens the window with available Quests.

Bards have the option Start a performance, Allow in Secret rooms, Special treat, and Kick out.